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Private Appointments Theresa Caputo

Does Theresa Caputo do private appointments?  How difficult is it to schedule a reading with the Long Island Medium?  How much does she charge for a private session?  Or, am I better off simply attending a group function or event, rather than waiting weeks, months or even years to see Theresa in person? With another […]

Affordable Psychics – How to Stop Overpaying For Psychic Advice

Why are so many psychics SO expensive?  How come it costs hundreds of dollars to see or speak to a “celebrity” psychic or famous spiritual coach or advisor?  If they really DO have a genuine gift, how come they don’t offer it for free?  (or at least make the readings affordable enough that all of […]

Religious Near Death Experience

Here is a very detailed, very well described NDE from the perspective of an man who was NOT religious, and returned from his NDE to become very, very devout. A fascinating story – and a very interesting watch – if you are interested in near death experiences, this is well worth checking out.

psychic questions

What To Ask a Psychic?

What are some good questions to ask a psychic, medium or clairvoyant?  What sort of spiritual advice is easiest to answer?  Are you planning on speaking to a psychic and simply can’t figure out what to ask to get the help you need? Or maybe like many of us, you are facing a major set […]

Honest Psychic Reviews?

Are there ANY honest psychic reviews out there? How can I find genuine, accurate and HONEST assesments of the best psychic networks and individual readers, without being sold, scammed or sandbagged into buying something silly I don’t want or need? I always find it very funny reading many of the psychic “review” sites out there […]

Free Psychic Readings – The Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Free Psychic Advice

Think that all of those free spiritual readings are worth trying?  Think again!  The truth is, as someone who has spent more than 10 years writing about and researching psychic and spiritual readings of all types, both personally and professionally alike, the vast majority of “free” readings are little more than a spiritual scam. Because […]

Psychic Source Readings – How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading by Phone

What is the best way to get an affordable psychic reading by phone? Do I need to wait weeks, months or even YEARS to see a celebrity psychic, or can I get accurate, insightful, enlightening and inspiring information on the phone, from a genuine clairvoyant, medium or tarot reader, even if I’m on a shoestring […]

Types of Psychic Abilities

What different types of psychic abilities are there? Is clairvoyance the same thing as spiritual mediumship? What about psychometry, or precognition or even the ability to see, sense of intuit past lives? Do all of these psychic skills emanate from the same space….and if not, how do they differ? Here is a short article well […]

Do Pets Go to Heaven?

What happens to our pets when they die?  Do animals have souls?  If not….why not?  And if there is no afterlife for pets or animals…..why would “god” or the universe have a different fate in mind for some of the sweetest and most special souls that is different from that of ours? In my own […]

What Kind of Psychic Am I? (This May Change Your Mind)

Am I psychic?  How can I tell?  What are the signs i’m psychic, gifted or just unusually intuitive? For example….. Do you ever see or feel things before they happen?  Or, do you occasionally have experiences that are so amazing and enlightening that you fear sharing them with other people out of fear of being […]